chargecloud with a new look - now even more focused

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In the dynamic e-mobility market, it is crucial to keep pace with the rapid developments. As a leading provider in the field of charge point management systems, chargecloud stands for reliability, competence and customer proximity. To underline this, the company now has a revamped, even more modern and focused look. In addition to a new logo, new icons, new illustrations and new colors, the chargecloud website is now even brighter, clearer and easier to navigate.

Find information more easily thanks to a clear structure

With the brand refresh, chargecloud is emphasizing its vision of reliably supporting customers in their growth in e-mobility with a scalable and stable software ecosystem. A core element of the revised brand identity is the improved communication of information. The new visual presentation focuses only on the essentials and reduces anything unnecessary. Thanks to an even clearer website structure, interested parties can find out quickly and specifically about the possibilities offered by chargecloud. Depending on requirements, suitable solution modules and expertise from the chargecloud ecosystem are recommended. This means that interested parties always receive the information relevant to them and can make informed decisions.


Open e-mobility ecosystem for limitless growth

If the e-mobility market is growing, the software must also be able to keep pace. What's more, it must be limitless. In order to meet the diverse requirements in the e-mobility sector, chargecloud has taken this into account from the outset and developed a modular software and service ecosystem that has grown steadily over the years. This enables customers to expand their charging infrastructure from 100 to 10,000 or more charging points. The chargecloud Marketplace offers carefully selected expert services that can be seamlessly integrated into chargecloud. An expert with clearly defined and solid core competencies works in each sub-area of the marketplace. The quality of the services is therefore higher than with providers who offer everything from a single source. This modular approach enables customers to scale according to their needs and to tap into new developments on the market at any time.


A friendly partner for sustainable growth

chargecloud sees itself as a trustworthy partner that accompanies its customers on their growth path at eye level. chargecloud is backed by a large, motivated team that knows the industry inside out. Over 30 developers are continuously working on the further development of innovative software solutions. By pooling this expertise and continuously developing it, chargecloud can guarantee market-leading quality “made and hosted in Germany”. With the new, clearer brand identity and the combination of stable technology, leading expertise and a flexible e-mobility ecosystem, you will receive exactly the support you need for successful development in e-mobility. With chargecloud at your side, you can concentrate fully on your core business - and grow without limits.

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