Chargepoint Management

Efficient control and monitoring of charging infrastructures

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Our Charge Point Management module offers all the functions you need to control, monitor and remotely maintain e-mobility charging infrastructures, regardless of the manufacturer. With a clearly laid-out dashboard, you can maintain an overview at all times, manage access keys, carry out remote access and create reports. Benefit from mass firmware updates and Managed Roaming to optimise charging station utilisation. 

Illustration M1 Charge Point Management RGB


The heart of your e-mobility business: Outstanding charge point management

The Charge Point Management module offers you a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of your charging infrastructure. Whether public charging stations in urban areas or parking spaces for electric company fleets, this high-performance module allows you to centrally control, monitor and optimise charging stations. 

With a real-time dashboard, you can always keep an eye on the status of your charging stations. You can manage access authorisations, detect any malfunctions at an early stage and create automated reports to analyse the current operating status. Remote maintenance also enables quick remote malfunction assessment and troubleshooting. The automatic mass firmware updates for certified charging stations allow you to maintain them remotely. 

A special highlight is the Managed Roaming feature, which allows you to make your charging stations available to customers from other e-mobility service providers (EMPs) while benefiting from extended networking with other chargecloud customers. 

Our Charge Point Management module is the must-have software tool for your e-mobility business. It provides you with the flexibility, functionality and efficiency you need to effectively manage your charging infrastructure and offer end customers an exceptional charging experience. 

All functions at a glance

  • A centralised management system for your entire charging infrastructure
  • A clear dashboard for monitoring and analysing all your charging stations
  • Management of your end customers’ access keys, such as RFID cards, for secure use
  • Remote access to charging stations for diagnostics and maintenance
  • Create and export reports for detailed insights into charging station utilisation
  • Automatic mass firmware updates for remote maintenance of certified charging stations to maximise operational safety
  • Managed Roaming allows end customers from other e-mobility service providers (EMPs) to use the charging stations
  • Internal roaming enables direct networking with other chargecloud customers for extended possibilities


Charge Point Management Modul

Clear dashboard

Visualise charging stations and charging processes on a clearly structured dashboard. Your service technicians always have a status overview so they can respond efficiently and optimise processes.

Export function for reports

Create and export reports on charging stations utilisation. This data can be used for internal analyses to continuously improve your services.

Flexible roaming

Connect with over 150 e-mobility providers via internal roaming. You decide which EMPs you wish to enter into contractual relationships with – and can negotiate individual agreements with other chargecloud customers.


Tried & tested: the CPMS module in practice

Use Cases
  • Use Case

    Charging electric company vehicles

    You can charge your electric company vehicles seamlessly at your company location and at home: Our solution provides you with a comprehensive overview of your charging stations, including the wall boxes that employees use to charge their company cars at home. Automated receipt generation and customised reimbursement options for kWh charged at home ensure transparency and efficiency. 

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