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Our CRM, Billing & Payment module enables you to manage customers and contracts centrally, adjust individual tariffs and bill charging processes automatically. Managed Roaming enables you to expand your charging offering and provide a seamless charging experience. 

Illustration M2 CRM Billing Payment


Efficient customer management with simplified billing and payment processes

The CRM, Billing & Payment module offers you all the functions you need to set up and manage customers, and bill charging processes effortlessly. The integrated customer relationship management (CRM) allows you to keep track of all customer, contract and product data – and provide customised tariffs for different customer groups.

A key highlight of this module is the Managed Roaming feature, which allows you to expand your charging offering via eRoaming platforms. This enables you to provide your customers with a broad network of charging stations and thereby expand your e-mobility services. Our white label web application can also be used to handle ad-hoc charging processes, allowing you to offer customers without a contract the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles spontaneously.

The billing process, including the transmission of invoices with your branding, is fully automated. By connecting different payment service providers and payment methods, the entire billing and payment process is designed to maximise efficiency.

By participating in eRoaming, you can provide your customers with a smooth, optimised charging experience. Discover all the functions and benefits of the CRM, Billing & Payment module for an attractive, user-friendly e-mobility offering. 

All functions at a glance

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) with customer, contract and product management
  • A white label web application for ad-hoc charging processes without a contract
  • Automated billing processes for charging transactions
  • Automated transmission of white label invoices to end customers
  • Connection of different payment service providers and payment methods
  • AFIR-compliant processing via credit card terminals (with a chargecloud Marketplace Partner company)
  • Managed Roaming enables end customers from other e-mobility service providers (EMPs) to use the charging stations
  • Internal roaming for direct networking with other chargecloud customers


CRM, Billing & Payment Modul

Efficient customer management

The CRM, Billing & Payment module enables you to manage your customer relationships efficiently: Maintain an overview of customer data and contracts – and offer customised tariffs for different customer groups. 

Automated billing

Peace of mind thanks to simplified processes: Save time and resources with the automated billing of charging processes – including the transmission of white label invoices. 

Flexible payment options

Integrate different payment service providers and provide your customers with diverse, flexible payment options for a smooth payment experience. 

Internal roaming

Connect with over 150 e-mobility providers and decide for yourself which roaming partners you want to enter into contractual relationships with. Expanding your charging network makes your e-mobility offering even more attractive.


Tried & tested: the CRM, Billing & Payment module in practice

Use Cases
  • Use Case

    Public charging points

    Are you looking to set up a charging infrastructure or optimise the management of existing charging points in public spaces? With chargecloud, you can manage charging stations, monitor their status, carry out billing for charging processes and deliver a first-class end user experience. Familiarise yourself with the benefits of our modules and add-ons for charge point management of public charging points today!  

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  • Use Case

    Charging tariff management with own app

    Monitor and manage charging processes more efficiently: Our solutions make it easy to flexibly design your tariffs, maintain your customer relationships and expand your charging network by participating in eRoaming. Find out now how you can manage your charging products to perfection and inspire your customers! 

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more use cases
  • Use Case

    Charging tariff offering with a white label app

    Design your charging tariff offering with maximum flexibility and ensure an intuitive user experience. Our solution enables optimal management of charging processes and customised tariff structures. Your customers can also use our Driver app to find charging stations on the go and charge at their agreed conditions. Additionally, you can conveniently expand your offering with eRoaming services. Discover innovative charging tariff management with chargecloud today! 

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  • Use Case

    Partner solutions for e-mobility full-service providers

    Comprehensive solutions for managing large e-mobility sites: We will enable you to support your partners in operating supra-regional charging infrastructures with the efficient management of charging stations and automated billing of charging processes. Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, you can keep track of your charging points at all times, while our remote maintenance functions ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. Find out more today about how to successfully operate your full-service e-mobility business nationwide. 

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