Fleet management

Trouble-free charging &
monitoring of electric fleets

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Are you looking to efficiently charge and monitor electric fleets at your company site? Our solution provides a quick overview of your charging points, enables remote control and maintenance of the charging stations and delivers real-time data on the dashboard. Automatic malfunction reports and remote updates for your charging stations ensure trouble-free, smooth processes.

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For all companies seeking to efficiently manage their electric vehicle fleets: Our chargecloud software offers a comprehensive solution to seamlessly manage your electric fleet – from monitoring and controlling to analysing the charging infrastructure at your company site. With real-time data on the dashboard, you always have an overview of your charging stations, which can all be controlled and maintained remotely. Malfunctions can be rectified quickly, downtimes minimised and your fleet’s availability maximised. In the event of a malfunction at a charging station, you and, as required, external e-mobility service providers are automatically notified – so that you can respond immediately.

With the chargecloud software, you also have extensive options for evaluating your charging infrastructure data – including exporting and processing it – to optimise your fleet management processes. Regardless of who manufactured your charging stations, chargecloud provides seamless integration and management of your charging infrastructure. This gives you flexibility in your selection of charging infrastructure and allows you to easily customise our software to your needs.


Ensure maximum availability with real-time fleet management

Efficient charging station management is paramount to the smooth operation of electric fleets. But fleet management goes well beyond simply monitoring your charging stations. What you need is a dynamic solution: One that responds quickly to malfunctions, enables comprehensive data analysis and supports seamless communication between hardware and software. This is exactly what our chargecloud software delivers.

And you can do it all remotely with chargecloud to save time and money. You’ll benefit from real-time dashboards and automated malfunction alerts to minimise downtime and maximise operational reliability, as well as remote access with firmware updates for diagnostics, maintenance and reconfiguration. You can also leverage the data analysis and export function to make more informed decisions and continuously improve the performance of your electric fleet. Comprehensive, efficient and reliable: Discover the future of fleet management with chargecloud – for your successful e-mobility business.

How you benefit from working with chargecloud 

  • Quick overview of charging stations and their utilisation 
  • Automatic notifications in the event of malfunctions 
  • Remote access to control and maintain your charging stations 
  • Data export and analysis for informed decisions 
  • Seamless integration of different charging stations regardless of manufacturer 


  • Increased availability of the electric fleet thanks to quick response times 
  • Cost optimisation thanks to efficient resource management 
  • An enhanced user experience for employees and fleet managers 
  • Scalable software to meet growing fleet management requirements 


The cross-sector solution for electric vehicle fleets

chargecloud software offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of sectors and application areas – from OEMs to logistics companies and all the way through to mobile care services. In the automotive sector, chargecloud helps OEMs optimise their electric fleets and efficiently manage their charging infrastructure. Logistics companies use our software to electrify their delivery fleets and reduce operating costs. Mobile care services rely on chargecloud to charge their vehicle fleets and ensure employee mobility.  

Skilled trades businesses also benefit from our chargecloud software as it enables them to charge their service vehicles easily and cost-effectively. And chargecloud also has the solution for businesses looking to offer their employees free charging at the company site. Our scalable, flexible software can be seamlessly integrated into the existing charging infrastructure, regardless of the manufacturer. Find out how chargecloud can future-proof your fleet management.


Efficient fleet management

With the chargecloud software, we provide you with a high-performance module that is perfectly tailored to your fleet management requirements. Our Charge Point Management module enables you to effortlessly manage your charging stations. 

From monitoring and control to remote maintenance, you’ll have everything under control at all times to maximise the efficiency of your charging infrastructure. Discover the many benefits of our integrated solution for your fleet management.

  • Module

    Charge Point Management

    The Charge Point Management module offers you everything you need to efficiently control and monitor your charging points. Manage your charging stations, maintain an overview with a real-time dashboard, identify and rectify malfunctions without wasting time – all with one centralised software. 

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Use Case Add-Ons

Optimise your e-mobility offering with our add-ons

Maximum flexibility, functionality and efficiency for a successful e-mobility business: Expand your e-possibilities with additional functions! Our API add-on also enables seamless integration with third-party systems, such as ERP, so that you can optimise your processes. Moreover, our Solution Consultants will be available to provide you with personalised expert advice after onboarding.

  • Add-On

    Consulting – Our expertise for your success

    After onboarding, you benefit from personal expert advice.

    All functions
  • Add-On

    API – Integration with third-party systems 

    Our API add-on allows you to seamlessly link the chargecloud software with third-party systems such as ERP software. 

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Always on board – our services for your e-mobility business

We offer customised onboarding solutions so that you can benefit from your new chargecloud software as quickly as possible. How onboarding is organised depends on your sector and customer-specific use case.

Our digital self-service offering provides you with a first point of contact for instructions, answers and solutions for chargecloud software. Stay up to date on current news about the latest releases and developments in e-mobility.

Discuss any questions and topics relating to chargecloud and the future of e-mobility with other users. You can actively participate in the development of innovative solutions – including exclusive webinars and detailed insights into roadmap planning. 

Take advantage of our comprehensive e-learning courses that will introduce you to the use of the chargecloud software step by step. Receive a personalised learning guide and work through the modular courses at your own pace. 

Our teams of experts are dedicated to working with you to develop solutions for your individual use case. Benefit from our expertise and our ability to respond flexibly to your needs at any time.  

With our Certified Service, we can ensure that charging stations from different manufacturers work seamlessly with the chargecloud software. As a chargecloud-certified hardware partner, you can be sure of a simple connection, operational stability and ongoing compatibility.

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E-mobility with chargecloud: Gear up for tomorrow today

Manufacturer-independent connection

Easily connect charging stations from different manufacturers with the chargecloud software to ensure seamless integration. 

Quick entry into e-mobility

Get started in the e-mobility business quickly and easily thanks to our user-friendly software and personalised expert support. 

Independent white label solution

Benefit from our white label solution to strengthen your brand and offer your customers a customised charging experience. 

Maximum flexibility

Discover a variety of use cases for your specific application and combine them according to your needs to customise and expand your e-mobility strategy. 

Modular 360° software ecosystem

Choose from a range of services in our modular ecosystem to meet your specific requirements and achieve your perfect e-mobility solution. 

More possibilities for every e-mobility business

Grow with the chargecloud software solution and scale your e-mobility business without limits while we continuously support and guide you.


Reliability builds trust