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With our service, you receive all the information about your charging infrastructure in an automated format. This allows you to always keep the status quo of your e-mobility business in focus and make your next strategic decisions on the basis of a verified database. You can plan your future growth reliably from now on.

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Complete analysis of the charging infrastructure for e-cars

Charge data

More overview is not possible. offers you the possibility to completely collect and evaluate all relevant processes of your charging infrastructure. Thanks to the visualised preparation of predefined statistics, you receive a comprehensive database for your next strategic decisions. works almost in real time. The synchronisation of the data takes place several times a day. A separate web application and the export function ensure that all information is always at hand. In addition, the statistics can also be integrated into external websites. This way, your customers can keep up with all developments in real time.


A wide range of possibilities

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Development of end customers/charge points

Overview of your end customers:

With, you can always see the number of charging processes, the amount of energy delivered, the average charging time, the current number of active charging stations and the development of sales.

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Auslastungs- und Standortanalysen

Graphics for the big picture: records the amount of energy used over the course of the day, the total of all charges and the utilisation of the station, the top locations according to the amount of energy delivered and the turnover per charging point.

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Failure reports

No chance for errors: records and displays detailed fault messages depending on the type of charging station. Charging points that are currently offline and the number of invalid charging processes are also displayed.

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Data without limits:

With you can keep track of which charging stations were used by Charge Point Operators and which charging points were used in which country.

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Behaviour of customer groups

Accurately recorded target groups: informs you about the specific behaviour of your customer groups. Evaluate which charging processes were carried out and which amounts of energy were required for them. You can also see how long the respective standing time was.

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The bottom line is what counts: definitely improves your bottom line. In addition to analysing the turnover at the respective charging stations, you also receive a precise overview of the payment methods used.

You have the choice: basic or premium Modules

With, you have the choice. Adapted to the individual needs of your company, chargecloud offers you two versions of its add-on. Depending on the scope of the desired analysis statistics, you will definitely make the right choice with our Basic or Premium module.

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With the basic version, you quickly gain an overview of your charging infrastructure with predefined evaluation tables. Based on this, you can make the right strategic decisions with comprehensive information. The data is updated several times a day and can also be made available to your end customers

  • Charging and roaming statistics clearly visualised
  • Growth of location partners always in view
  • Usable without additional technical effort
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The premium account leaves almost nothing to be desired. In addition to the analyses included in the basic module, it also offers you access to a Redshift database with SQL access. Your future decisions and the associated positive development of your business activities in the field of charging infrastructure are thus based on a very detailed information situation.

  • Independent execution of targeted evaluations in third-party systems
  • Access to the most relevant database tables after activation of the IP address
  • Complete data transparency through changelog

Why you should use

All advantages at a glance

  • Clearly prepared evaluations leave no questions unanswered
  • Comprehensive database helps you make strategic decisions
  • Interactive filter options enable quick orientation
  • Thanks to regular updates of the data at short intervals, you get an overview in real time
  • Quickly identify well-used charging stations and plan their expansion
  • Possibility to analyse the behaviour of your customers and improve the charging experience
  • Record market developments with just a few clicks and react to them promptly
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