Full flexibility in e-roaming Charge Europe-wide

The charging current should be independent of the provider and available everywhere. chargecloud offers you full flexibility in e-roaming. You can easily network chargecloud internally with clients or find partners across Europe via the large e-roaming platforms

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Charge Europe-wide

With just a charge card or an app

Available to others: e-roaming

A combustion engine can be refuelled at any petrol station, just as a charging current should be, irrespective of the provider and available everywhere. Using roaming interfaces, so-called e-roaming gateways, chargecloud ensures that your customers have access to more than 100,000 charging stations across Europe. At the same time, your charging stations are also open to customers from other providers.

This creates additional sales, builds trust in your solutions and enhances customer loyalty. This also allows you to help to create and consolidate a nationwide and Europe-wide network.

For Charge Point Operators, Emobility Service Provider or both in one

How to use e-roaming and what to use it for depends on your favourite market role: As a charge point operator or CPO, you can make your charging infrastructure available to other providers and a larger group of end customers. As a pure emobility service provider or EMP, you can offer your end customers Europe-wide access to charging stations.

The e-roaming functions are available separately for both roles, as are, of course, also full-service providers with their own charging stations and their own end customers, who combine both market roles.

  • Sub-clients can be connected to all large station operators in Germany and have access to over 100,000 charging points across Europe
  • As a CPO: display of your own charging stations in the apps of other providers
  • All you need to access this is our app
  • As an EMP: access to external operator charging stations via an outbound e-roaming gateway

Different interfaces give you flexibility

When choosing your e-roaming partner, all options are available. Via our system-internal roaming hub, you can easily network with over 100 chargecloud clients – even with existing structures such as the TankE network, which connects over 25 municipal utilities across Germany.

Or you can connect with partners in Germany and Europe via the e-roaming platforms e-Clearing.net (e.g. ladenetz.de) and Hubject (e.g. innogy, EnBW and E.On). It is also possible to connect with bilateral partners.

  • Internal roaming with other chargecloud customers and external roaming on all major platforms is possible
  • Roaming partners and networks such as Hubject, e-Clearing.net, PlugSurfing, Stromnetz Hamburg, TankE, e-laden, AllgäuStrom and much more

Limit approvals yourself

As with your own charging stations, you can also decide for roaming partners which of your customer groups can use them and at what rates. Only available charging stations with live status are displayed in the app, internal and external.

You also retain control over external access to your networked charging stations and individually determine which user groups and which roaming partners can charge there. The processing is fully compliant with data protection regulations, third-party station operators do not receive any information about their customers.

Accounting with chargecloud

You can independently manage roaming platforms, negotiate and invoice partners. Mutual financial settlement with roaming partners can be integrated into your normal billing using B2B rates.

Or you can benefit from economies of scale and volume discounts using chargecloud as an aggregator. We manage the e-Clearing.net and Hubject platforms for our partners and take care of the entire settling of the charging process so that you only deal with one contact and one contractual partner.

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