Successful ISO 9001:2015 audit at chargecloud!

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Back in 2023, the SaaS provider chargecloud voluntarily underwent an external audit to certify the establishment of high quality standards and an effective management system within the company. Now the Cologne-based company has officially received ISO 9001 certification, which is a commitment to delivering high-quality results and continuously optimizing its own processes.

The introduction of a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001 standards was an exciting journey for chargecloud. This included a thorough three-month preparation phase and finally an external audit by the renowned certification company SGS. During the preparation phase, clear objectives for the quality management system had to be defined and relevant processes identified. The entire chargecloud team was trained accordingly so that an awareness of the importance of the QMS could be established.

Goals & scope of the audit

The ISO 9001 certification proves the effectiveness of the implemented quality management system. This standard defines the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system that aims to meet and exceed customer requirements, make processes more efficient and continuously improve the quality of products and services.

In order to achieve these goals, necessary processes were documented within the company, work instructions were developed and an internal audit program was introduced to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the QMS.

Audit implementation & results

In December, an external auditor from SGS examined chargecloud's QMS. Documentation, processes and resources were evaluated. Following a comprehensive review of processes and employee interviews, the auditor confirmed that chargecloud had successfully introduced and maintained a management system that systematically meets the requirements for products and services. The feedback was constructive, with no major or minor non-conformities.

In January, chargecloud then received the expected audit report from SGS. This was detailed and the aim was to clarify any deviations and implement corrective measures. However, as there were no major or minor non-conformities, chargecloud was able to receive the ISO 9001 certificate immediately. The ISO 9001 certification by SGS is not only a recognition of chargecloud's quality, but also a promise of continuous improvement. Every employee has made a contribution, and the certificate in January 2024 is not just a certificate, but a symbol of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Obtaining ISO 9001 is a significant milestone for chargecloud. By implementing these standards, the company not only creates a framework for excellent performance, but also sets clear benchmarks for continuous improvement and adaptation to changing requirements. chargecloud is committed to regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the implemented systems, proactively addressing new challenges and always meeting the demands of the market.

About chargecloud

With its B2B software, chargecloud supports charging station operators and mobility service providers in managing their charging infrastructure. The flexible solutions offered by the cologne based company chargecloud facilitate seamless operation of charging stations through remote monitoring, access control, roaming, and charging process billing. Active in the E-Mobility sector since 2016, chargecloud simplifies charging management for the energy industry, the automotive sector, and commercial customers.

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