Partner Solution Management

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Illustration M4 Partner Solution Management

To expand your e-mobility business: Establish strong, reliable partnerships by effortlessly monitoring and automatically billing charging infrastructures for partners. As a 360° e-mobility service provider, you can offer your commercial customers an end-to-end package with contract management, automated billing and real-time information on all charging stations.

Illustration M4 Partner Solution Management


Efficient partner management: Effortless monitoring, automated billing

The Partner Solution Management module enables you to effortlessly manage and automatically bill 360° e-mobility partnerships. With functions such as customer and contract management, automated revenue sharing and the option of automated billing, this module offers a comprehensive solution for your partner management.

You can map different business models, such as the contracting of charging stations or the billing of charging processes for your partners. They receive live information about their charging stations in our B2B portal via a white label web app and can export the data as a CSV file as required with just one click.

Expand your e-mobility business into a full-service offering. Thanks to automated, transparent billing processes, you save time and can provide your partners with an end-to-end service from a single source. Our Partner Solution Management module is ideal for full-service e-mobility providers, service and trade businesses as well as wholesalers and charging station manufacturers. Discover all the functions and benefits of this module for e-mobility businesses with solid, long-term partnerships.

All functions at a glance

  • Customer and contract management as well as automated revenue sharing for partners 
  • Automated billing of partner services
  • Option to map different business models such as the contracting of charging stations
  • Set up and manage different partner locations
  • Create service contracts for partners with different price components
  • Store RFID cards to restrict access to partner charging stations
  • Optional B2B portal for partners with live information about charging stations and the option to export data (CSV files)


Partner Solution Management

Build reliable partnerships

Establish strong e-mobility partnerships by providing your business partners with an innovative solution for effortless monitoring and efficient management of charging infrastructures. 

Automated billing

Save time and effort by automating the billing of services to your partners. Billing runs smoothly and without manual effort. This enables you to optimise your business processes.

Expand your business field

Become a comprehensive e-mobility solution provider for commercial customers and expand your existing area of business. By easily providing charging infrastructures and automated billing services, you can offer your partners added value and a decisive competitive advantage.

Centralised management and transparency

Maintain full control over your partnerships and charging infrastructures. Manage all locations and contracts centrally and benefit from detailed insights through comprehensive real-time information on all charging stations.


Tried & tested: Partner Solution Management

Use Cases
  • Use Case

    Partner solutions for e-mobility full-service providers

    Comprehensive solutions for managing large e-mobility sites: We will enable you to support your partners in operating supra-regional charging infrastructures with the efficient management of charging stations and automated billing of charging processes. Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, you can keep track of your charging points at all times, while our remote maintenance functions ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. Find out more today about how to successfully operate your full-service e-mobility business nationwide. 

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  • Use Case

    Partner solutions for service & trade businesses

    Our highly efficient functional solutions help companies manage their charging infrastructure for partners with regional locations and automate the billing of their services. Benefit from our intuitive dashboard overview and our remote maintenance functions to quickly resolve malfunctions. Find out more about how chargecloud can help you grow your third-party business in your region. 

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  • Use Case

    Partner solutions for wholesalers & charge point manufacturers

    The chargecloud software solution gives you a quick overview of your partners’ charging points, such as municipal utilities or energy suppliers, and enables you to recognise and rectify malfunctions in real time. Automated billing of services saves you both time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Find out now how you can successfully establish and expand your e-mobility business as a wholesale company and charging station manufacturer.  

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