Fleet & Home Charging

Charging electric fleets and billing automatically

Illustration M3 Fleet Home Charging

For the smooth, trouble-free charging of electric company cars and electric fleets: Automate the billing of charging processes both at your company site and via wallboxes at your employees’ homes. You can reimburse staff for the electricity costs for business charging processes with full cost control. This saves you unnecessary billing effort and your employees benefit from a simple, transparent solution.

Illustration M3 Fleet Home Charging


Efficient, transparent and fully automated: Employee charging with complete cost control

The Fleet & Home Charging module provides you with all the functions you need for simplified billing of charging processes at the company site and also via company wallboxes at your employees’ homes. Integration into the chargecloud software enables clear management of employee profiles. You receive detailed insights into the business charging processes carried out at the home wallboxes and can automatically generate reimbursement receipts for the kWh charged.

You can not only use this solution for your own employees, but you can also offer it to subsidiaries and location partners so that their employees can also charge at home for business purposes. 

With our Fleet & Home Charging module, you have all the kWh consumption of your electric company vehicles available centrally. This takes the pressure off accounting and saves time. It also enables you to issue exact kWh reimbursements. You can define the reimbursement amount in the system and adjust it at any time as required. Discover all the functions and benefits of the module for charging your electric company vehicles – both at the company site and at employees’ homes. 

All functions at a glance

  • Connection of wallboxes to the chargecloud software for employees’ business charging processes 
  • Management of employees and their profiles
  • Overview of the business charging processes carried out at the home wallboxes
  • Automated creation of reimbursement receipts for charging sessions at employees’ wallboxes
  • Definition of the maximum reimbursement amount per kWh


Fleet & Home Charging

Efficient management

Optimise the management of your electric company vehicles and electric fleets: Easily record and manage charging processes both at the company site and at your employees’ business wallboxes at home.

Controlled cost reimbursement

Keep track of your expenditures: Set individual reimbursement levels per kWh and only reimburse your employees for the energy actually charged for business charging sessions at their home wallboxes. 

Automated receipt generation

Simplify your accounting: Automatically generate detailed receipts for your employees’ business charging processes and save time and effort.

Transparent administration

Increase the transparency of your charging processes: Track all kWh consumption of your electric company vehicles in one central location and optimise your processes.


Tried and tested: the Fleet & Home Charging module in practice

Use Case
  • Use Case

    Charging electric company vehicles

    You can charge your electric company vehicles seamlessly at your company location and at home: Our solution provides you with a comprehensive overview of your charging stations, including the wall boxes that employees use to charge their company cars at home. Automated receipt generation and customised reimbursement options for kWh charged at home ensure transparency and efficiency. 

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