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Since our foundation in 2016, we have been an experienced, independent and friendly team of over 150 e-mobility specialists based in Cologne. Driven by the conviction that the future of mobility is electric, we have been working since day one on an e-mobility software solution that knows no boundaries. And because we believe that e-mobility should be accessible to everyone, we enable companies to grow without borders in the e-mobility market.

With our chargecloud ecosystem, which is unique on the market to date and can be expanded indefinitely, we ensure the future-proof operation of charging infrastructure - from the management of charging points to the billing of charging processes. As a leading and reliable partner, we support all companies that want to successfully establish and expand their e-mobility business.  

We are ensuring the e-mobility of tomorrow.

Unlimited: the chargecloud ecosystem

Discover all the benefits of our reliable, scalable and flexible e-mobility software ecosystem – with an innovative chargepoint management system (CPMS) at its core. Four modules and different add-ons ensure the right solutions to meet your specific requirements. You’ll also access a wide range of high-quality services from carefully selected partners via our marketplace. 

  • Modules

    Our modules offer full flexibility for monitoring your charging infrastructure to billing contract customers, for handling electric fleet charging all the way through to managing location partners. They can all be seamlessly combined for different use cases – ensuring a future-proof and highly efficient e-mobility business. 

  • Add-Ons

    With the B2B portal and the Driver app (B2C charging app), chargecloud offers white label solutions to ensure full transparency of your charging infrastructure and an outstanding charging experience for end users. After onboarding, we’ll continue to provide you with expert advice and the right ongoing solutions.  

  • Marketplace

    Geared up for any and all future requirements – with a wide spectrum of supplementary offers from selected chargecloud-certified partners

clever minds work day in, day out to design future-proof e-mobility solutions. Fancy a strong team?
charging infrastructure manufacturers can be connected to the chargecloud ecosystem.
customers have placed their trust in chargecloud’s software solutions and services to advance their e-mobility business.
successfully operated and managed charging points
connected eRoaming charging points

Your e-mobility business grows -
with the chargecloud ecosystem

Simply infinitely stable, scalable and modular: With our e-mobility ecosystem, you are perfectly positioned at all times. It consists of four core modules, included services, add-ons and a marketplace with selected partner service providers.

With chargecloud, you are ideally equipped for all current and future requirements on the e-mobility market.  

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From controlling your charging infrastructure to billing contract customers and managing location partners, our four application-specific modules offer full flexibility and maximum reliability. Our add-ons, such as API keys for seamless communication with ERP systems, our B2B portal and the chargecloud white label app, also contribute to this. If required, our Solution Consultants are also available to assist you personally. And via our Marketplace, you can expand your e-mobility business with a wide range of supplementary services from chargecloud-certified partners.  

No matter how you organise your e-mobility business, with our software solutions and services from the chargecloud ecosystem, you are already ideally positioned for tomorrow for every use case. Grow with our infinitely scalable, reliable solutions for future-proof e-mobility.  

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