Foundation of chargecloud GmbH

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Foundation of chargecloud GmbH

Complete solution for charging infrastructure - three strong partners set up chargecloud GmbH

In order to optimise operations surrounding the billing of electric charging infrastructure, the companies MENNEKES, powercloud and RheinEnergie have founded chargecloud GmbH. With their product of the same name, chargecloud, the new company offers - as a tool made by users for users - a secure, modular and cloud-based software solution for operating networked charging infrastructure and billing the charging processes.

Chargecloud is suitable for operating all types of charging station for electric vehicles, supplying shore-side electricity to ships, as well as perspectively for operating charging infrastructure to supply refrigerated trucks. The system can be used on any current web browser and, as a cloud-based service, is always up to date. Thanks to the modular structure, individual modules - for instance for monitoring or analysing customer data - can be added to at any time. The service is aimed at all operators of charging infrastructure networks - at public utility companies and enterprises with e-mobility fleets. At the same time, customers remain completely free when choosing their charging station and electricity supplier. In the form of the charging infrastructure pioneer, MENNEKES, the software developer, powercloud, and RheinEnergie, which operates one of the densest charging networks in Germany, three electromobility practitioners with many years of experience have come together.

With chargecloud GmbH, they are now also providing other companies with their expertise in the operation of charging points, customer management and the billing of charging processes. chargecloud will be presented to the general public for the first time at eCarTec in Munich.

Kirchhundem, 12.10.2016

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