Data security Made in Germany

With chargecloud you are always on the safe side. Thanks to German data security, regular updates and an independent partner at your side.

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Data security

Reliable and sustainable: chargecloud

Electromobility is developing rapidly, the market is growing and new opportunities are always emerging. Good thing that chargecloud bundles all applications for the successful and economical operation of your charging infrastructure all in one software. But it does not just stop there: Our solution is sustainable in all aspects.

Because our team of software specialists always has an eye on current and future developments and is continuously optimising chargecloud – even if you are already a customer. So that you have modern tools at your fingertips and are already using a system today that will still be relevant and up to date tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. At any time.

A special advantage: our independence. chargecloud is a company that remains independent of hardware providers, car manufacturers and energy companies.

Data security made in Germany

We guarantee maximum data security: All data is processed, hosted and stored in state-of-the-art data centres in Germany. Of course, in compliance with the strict EU data protection directive and ISO certified. This means that all data is and remains where it belongs, and you alone can change your business information at any time.

  • Always up-to-date and secure software, developed in Germany
  • Moving towards current and future market needs
  • Data centres certified to ISO 27001
  • 99.5% availability guaranteed – although we always reach over 99.9%
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