charge.billing Automatic processes for e-mobility providers

Customers and contract management are essential for EMPs. Our customer relationship management helps you manage customers, determine individual rates for various charging processes and take care of billing.

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Customer management & billing

Charge billing

Customer and contract management is essential for e-mobility providers (EMPs). What sounds difficult should actually be easy. chargecloud offers extensive Customer Relationship Management (CMR) for the management of any number of customers. This module offers all information and functions related to the customer account including pricing, payment processing and invoicing, collection procedures and claims management.

Specifically, this means: Full control for your company and offers tailored to the needs of your customers. You can easily react to all market needs and to the offers of your competitors. This high level of flexibility and user-friendliness will set you apart from the competition and enable you to develop solid economic business models.

Individual tariffs

Flexible pricing

With chargecloud, you are completely flexible in how you price your charging stations: A basic fee and a flat rate per charge are possible, as is pricing based on charging or waiting time, as well as consumption-based rates. Location, date or customer group can also be used.

Several of these elements can be combined in an individual pricing matrix and rates can be individually adjusted. This flexible pricing structure allows you to be profitable in the e-mobility business.

Price day and night charging differently or perhaps offer customers and employees discounted rates? Everything is possible.

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Transparent price display and billing

Thanks to our flexible pricing structure, you can guarantee your customers fair prices that are adjusted to the parking fees in the area, for example. In the white label app specially developed by chargecloud, customers can see at any time how much charging at a specific location will cost them – even before and during the actual charge. chargecloud billing is, of course, fully compliant with legal regulations.

The charging processes of your contract customers are automatically booked to the relevant contract account in chargecloud and billed there. chargecloud also generates invoices automatically, posts them to the customer account and sends them to the customer by e-mail. It is possible to request the payment amount “on account” as well as the processing via SEPA direct debit and credit card payment.

Billing compliant with the Measurement and Instrumentation Directive

The Measurement and Instrumentation Directive has long been discussed in the industry. With our partner MENNEKES, we have found a solution that has been certified by the German Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB). But not only do we bill MENNEKES charging stations: thanks to our open approach, our system was the first on the market to bill certified charging stations from different manufacturers in compliance with legal regulations.

This is how it works: In the charging station counter, data records, including a digital signature are created for each charging process. The meter reading and public key of the meter can be viewed on site at the station. Each of the charging data records therefore has its own personal signature and is transferred to the chargecloud software. With the help of the software, any abnormality, change and manipulation is immediately recognisable.

  • Fully automated creation and posting of invoices
  • More than 10,000 charging processes were billed in accordance with legal regulations in 2019
  • Direct connection to BaFin-certified payment service providers for simple processing of credit card payments by end customers
  • Also available for internal e-roaming
  • Easily customisable templates for contract settlement, direct payment, cancellation
  • Compatible with legal-for-trade hardware from all certified manufacturers

Everything under one customer account

Chargecloud surface

With the revision-proof and digital customer file, you always have an overview of your customer base and of every single contractual relationship. All customer and contract data, charging processes and invoices can be found here. Everything is stored in compliance with data protection regulations in the integrated digital archive and can be retrieved at any time.

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