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As a manufacturer-neutral software provider, the smooth and reliable operation of charging infrastructure is our top priority. With our service charge.certified we guarantee the perfect interaction between charging stations from different manufacturers and our software.
Become a chargecloud certified hardware partner - with combined expertise, we ensure the highest quality standards and maximum customer success.

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Certified hardware partner

Charge certified

We connect hardware with software and network charging points throughout Europe. As an open system, we work across manufacturers, so that today over 300 charging station types from established manufacturers are already connected to chargecloud.

charge.certified charging station manufacturers fulfil all the necessary requirements without exception to ensure compatibility between hardware and software and guarantee trouble-free and complete operation with the chargecloud backend.

As a hardware manufacturer, you can benefit from our service by ensuring your customers a simple connection process, operational stability and the ongoing compatibility of your charging stations with chargecloud. This increases trust in your offering, accelerates your sales cycles and helps you to grow your business quickly and efficiently..

You can count on us

Future-proof charging infrastructure

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For the exchange of information between the charging station and the chargecloud backend, we use the globally established communication standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). Charging stations of all manufacturers that support the OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 communication protocols can be connected to the chargecloud backend.

ocpp, docu, smart charging, security, eichrecht

charge.certified modules

Our certification process is structured in modules and is divided into the charge.certified modules ocpp, docu, smart charging, security and eichrecht.
In the course of the certification process, the requirements of the relevant modules are checked. A charging station qualifies as charge.certified if at least the two modules ocpp and docu are fulfilled.
The criteria to be fulfilled for the particular modules are listed below.


charge.certified ocpp

The charge.certified ocpp module ensures the following requirements:

  • Basic connectivity
  • Compliance with OCPP standard features

charge.certified docu

The module charge.certified docu additionally certifies the fulfilment of the following requirements:

  • Documentation
  • Existing firmware processes
  • Existing ticket system
Smart charging

charge.certified smart charging

With the module charge.certified smart charging, OCPP smart charging commands are checked and certified.

  • Verification of the selectable charging profiles
  • Parameter query

charge.certified security

With the certification module security we check the common security mechanisms and confirm the secure and correct transmission of firmware updates.

  • Query of the encryption protocols used
  • Security for firmware updates
  • Signed data

charge.certified eichrecht

The charge.certified eichrecht module checks whether signed measured values are correctly transmitted to the chargecloud backend and properly processed .

  • Query type examination certificate
  • Verification of existing signed measured values
  • Transparency software

Quality guarantee

chargecloud services

We offer the following services to certified hardware partners:

  • Remote compatibility test
  • Preparation, execution and follow-up of the compatibility test
  • Qualified technical support for carrying out the compatibility test
  • Certificate & certification logo
  • Provision of a chargecloud test instance for ongoing testing possibilities
  • Update certifications due to firmware updates
  • Provision of firmware updates for charge point operators
  • Certified charging station models are pre-configured in the backend for easier selection for Charge Point Operators and marked as certified (from Q4/21)

Why charge.certified?

Advantages for hardware partners

Competitive advantage

  • As a chargecloud certified partner, you stand out from your competitors and ensure smooth operation of your charging station.

Faster expansion

  • Grow with new partners from the chargecloud customer network and shorten your sales cycle.

Process efficiency

  • Enable efficient charging station connectivity for our mutual customers and guarantee functional compatibility with chargecloud. CPOs benefit from an easier and faster connection of charging stations to chargecloud.


  • Benefit from our expertise. Our team supports you competently and comprehensively during the certification process.

Complete solution

  • Development of product bundles with chargecloud customers for easy and fast scaling.

Security benefit

  • chargecloud relies on the highest security standards.

Certified Hardware Partner


ocpp, docu, smart charging
ocpp, docu, smart charging
ocpp, docu, eichrecht
ocpp, docu, eichrecht
ocpp, docu, eichrecht
ocpp, docu, eichrecht
HW Zertifizierung Logos 3
HW Zertifizierung Logos 3
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu
ocpp, docu

Connected charging station manufacturers


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