charge.monitor Station management & monitoring as a strong basis for every CPO

Our e-mobility module is the ideal entry point to a networked electromobility for fleet operators and companies from industry, trade and commerce. As a CPO, it offers you all the functions you need to successfully manage your e-mobility business.

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Station management & monitoring

Charge monitor

As a charge point operator (CPO), chargecloud offers you all the functions you need to control, monitor and remotely service your charging infrastructure, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Our CPO module offers fleet operators and companies from industry, trade and commerce all the functionalities for the networked electric mobility of their customers.

Regardless of whether you are new to e-mobility or you already operate a large number of charging stations; we make it easy for you and ensure your business runs profitably.

Our flexible pricing system, with which you can bill by time, KWh or flat rate, is particularly helpful here. Regional or customer group-specific differentiation creates further flexibility in your pricing structure, adapting to each situation.

Manufacturer-independent connection and data acquisition

chargecloud is an open system and can be flexibly networked with a wide variety of hardware via encrypted interfaces. The stations of all manufacturers that support OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) communication protocols 1.5 and 1.6 can currently be connected, while OCPP 2.0 is currently being implemented.

To connect the charging stations, we supply robust industrial SIM cards with large data volume, including LTE.

The SIM cards support national roaming so they have the best possible availability: You can use almost any mobile network in Germany and networks in other EU countries. If, for example, you do not want to rely on such mobile networks in underground garages with poor signal reception, we also provide you with routers and VPN connections for connecting your charging stations there.

A clearly displayed dashboard

Chargecloud Backend 2

View important backend data at a glance: The chargecloud dashboard provides you with an overview of the current load on your charging stations and allows you to fill the gaps accordingly. You see the number of users and sales in real time.

You can manage any number of customer groups and RFID chip cards and flexibly control the access authorisation to your stations. Our extensive CRM module with numerous additional functions for customers and contract management creates additional benefits for the economical operation and billing of your charging infrastructure.

  • Live status of your charging stations in chart and map views
  • Master data and customer management are possible

Automatic monitoring & reporting

All the important data of the charging infrastructure is automatically recorded and stored in the chargecloud database. Real-time queries follow in the form of predefined or individual reports. The results are shown in tabular and graphical form and can be exported as a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.

Our convenient dashboard allows you to remotely control and maintain all important functions of your stations, download diagnostic files and install firmware updates. An automated malfunction reporting system ensures that your technicians are always informed about potential needs on site.

  • Reporting of all charging processes, status and measured values
  • Remote control and maintenance, malfunction and escalation management
  • Starting and stopping charging processes, unlocking plugs
  • Restarting the charging stations (hard/soft reset)
  • Remotely install firmware updates

Optional for your customer support: 24/7 call centre

Customer support agents specially trained in e-mobility and chargecloud – with access to your chargecloud category as needed – can also advise your customers 24/7 on request:

  • Staff with expertise available 24/7
  • Individual phone number, message formula, music on hold, announcements
  • First-level user support in German and English
  • Reporting (complete itemised billing and tickets)
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