Scan, charge, pay

Scanning, charging, paying: You can also offer spontaneous customers access to your charging infrastructure. Fast and without commitment. The direct payment functions from chargecloud meet the requirements of Charging Station Regulation II.

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Scan, charge, pay - Direct payment for everyone

The direct payment function from chargecloud allows you to meet the requirements of the Measurement and Instrumentation Directive II and also offer spontaneous customers direct access to public charging infrastructure. Without prior registration required, every electromobility user can use your public stations via direct payment access (also known as “ad hoc access”) and pay immediately. This generates additional sales and increases the appeal of your charging infrastructure.

All you need to charge is a smartphone that can scan a QR code on the charging station or read an NFC chip. Thanks to innovative gel filling technology, our corresponding 3D stickers are tamper-proof and weather-resistant. And if, for example, the QR code scanner of the mobile phone were not to work, a short internet address found on the sticker can be used for registration.

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Fully integrated billing of guests

Customers are directed to a website where their charging request is activated. They can charge immediately and pay conveniently and securely by credit card. The invoice can be sent by e-mail on request. Administration and billing are just as easy as with contract customers.

The usual pricing flexibility of chargecloud also applies to direct payment: flat rates can also be determined according to time- and consumption-based calculations. This means that separate rates are possible for direct payment access.

  • Authorisation via the mobile website
  • Direct payment access for spontaneous customers without a permanent contractual relationship
  • Safe and direct payment, automatic invoice posting and credit notes to your accounts
  • Separate Terms and Conditions for ad hoc customers
  • Also available for roaming charging stations
  • Consumption-based rates
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