Data protection, IT security & Compliance

Highest safety level according to German standard

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With chargecloud you are always on the safe side. Thanks to German data protection and IT security, regular updates and an ISO 27001 certified partner at your side.

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Availability & IT Security

For you we are and remain online

To ensure the highest availability, the infrastructure of our software is built according to the latest architectural principles. By separating system functions into individual clusters with different security concepts, we can compensate not only for individual server failures, but even the unlikely failure of an entire cluster.

In addition, our entire infrastructure is replicated across several data centres in Germany so that we always stay online. With VPN connections and exclusively encrypted data transmission, we protect your data according to the latest state of the art.

The security of your data is our top priority

As an ISO 27001 certified company, we guarantee the highest level of data security: all data is processed and stored in state-of-the-art data centres in Germany. Strictly in accordance with EU data protection guidelines and ISO-certified, of course. In addition, our data centres meet the strict requirements of the BSI C5 standard, the cloud computing standard for IT security in Germany.

This means that all data is and remains where it belongs, and you alone can always control your business information. Because as a White Label provider and commissioned data processor, we assure GDPR-compliant handling of your data.

Software Made in Germany

ISO/IEC 27001 certified

ISO 9001 certified

Hosting in Germany

GDPR compliant

Secure TLS Encription

An overview

100% data protection and security


  • All data is hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centres in Germany.
  • All data, including backups, are encrypted during storage and transmission.
  • All communication between customers and our system is protected using the TLS protocol.
  • Connections to charging stations and our locations are additionally secured via a VPN connection.


  • Audit logs for tracking all access to systems, as well as all changes to data on these systems, are implemented.
  • Server logs are backed up and analysed centrally.
  • The system's reliability is guaranteed by several server clusters.
  • Regular updates of our infrastructure ensure that our systems are always up to date and offer the highest security standards.


  • The division of the system into several data centers ensures that in case of failure of one data center, data remains available via the other data centers.
  • Extensive monitoring activities ensure that all our systems are continuously controlled in order to be able to react immediately to possible risks.
  • Automatic data backups take place every 15 minutes.
  • Automated scaling ensures maximum speed regardless of the load.

Compliance & whistleblower reporting channel

Your trust is important to us

At chargecloud, we place the highest value on integrity, transparency and compliance with legal regulations.

To ensure that our actions always meet the highest standards, we have set up a confidential whistleblower reporting channel. This channel enables customers, partners and employees to anonymously report possible violations of compliance guidelines or ethical principles.

Your voice is important to us

chargecloud stands for an open and transparent corporate culture. We value your trust and thank you for helping us to maintain our high standards.