Electromobility - NRW public utility companies set up TankE network

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In order to provide drivers of electric cars with uniform charging and billing options in future, 12 public utility companies from North-Rhine Westphalia have joined forces to form the TankE network.

"Fragmented infrastructure and numerous different billing systems are hampering the success of electromobility. We want to help to offer customers more charging options and to end the billing nonsense," says Achim Südmeier of RheinEnergie explaining the commitment. The Cologne-based energy service provider and supplier is responsible for coordinating the new TankE network and operates one of the densest charging infrastructures for electric vehicles across Germany.

Also represented as founding members are: AggerEnergie, BELKAW, BIGGE ENERGIE, Energie Nordeifel, energieversorgung dormagen, Energieversorgung Leverkusen, Gasversorgungsgesellschaft Rhein-Erft, e-regio, Stadtwerke Lohmar, SWB Energie und Wasser and Stadtwerke Solingen.

The purpose of the TankE network is to further develop the charging infrastructure in NRW and to establish a uniform billing standard that is compatible with other systems. To do so, the TankE network uses an app and the software provided by chargecloud, with which charging infrastructure can be networked, operated, monitored and analysed and charging processes can be billed.

More partners are welcome to the consortium, with corresponding talks being held with other public utility companies: "The more members our TankE network has, the more customers will benefit from its uniform standards," Südmeier says.

Statements from network partners:

"Especially in the countryside, a good charging infrastructure is essential for the breakthrough of electromobility. As a regional energy service provider, we are pleased to be contributing to the success of the TankE network with our currently ten public e-charging stations in Oberberg and Overath."

Frank Röttger, Managing Director of AggerEnergie

"We are convinced that the future belongs to electromobility. Without environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly mobility, the sought-after climate protection will not be achieved. With the user-friendly charging infrastructure for electric cars as provided by the TankE network, we are actively contributing to increasing the acceptance and utilisation of electric vehicles among customers.

Dr. Klaus Kaiser, Managing Director of BELKAW

"We opted for the cooperation because we want to offer our customers a nationwide service. In particular, connecting the charging points to the app and a uniform way of using the charging stations represent a special benefit for drivers of electric vehicles. We thereby hope to set another milestone for the development of electromobility in Germany."

Markus Böhm, Managing Director of ene

"As a future-oriented and innovative energy provider, evd has expanded the infrastructure for e-mobility step by step in Dormagen over recent years. Using electric cars at the company has convinced us about emission-free driving and we want to further integrate the still relatively new technology in day-to-day use under the name "e-motion". We are delighted to be part of the TankE network, which gives citizens a wide network of charging stations and simplifies the payment system."

Klemens Diekmann, Managing Director of evd

"Electromobility is picking up speed in Leverkusen. Energieversorgung Leverkusen is taking on responsibility here and making its contribution. With the TankE network, we have eleven strong partners alongside us on this issue for the future, thus allowing us to provide holistic solutions.

Rolf Menzel, Commercial Director of EVL

"GVG Rhein-Erft, as a partner company in the RheinEnergie group, is pleased to be part of the TankE network. The issue of electromobility is playing an increasing role in politics and among the population. By creating a dense network of charging infrastructures, we are contributing to increasing availability and thereby acceptance and offering our customers added value - be it centrally at public spaces, locally at the customer's home or at business partners. In the TankE network, future challenges can be optimally overcome together and standards fit for the future can be created."

Werner Abromeit, Managing Director of GVG

"Many commuters live in our coverage area and most families have a second car. E-mobility is only an alternative for them if charging is very simple everywhere. For example, driving an electric car from Euskirchen to Cologne and back is no problem at all any more thanks to TankE. That is why we joined the network immediately.

Ludger Ridder, Managing Director of e-regio

"Especially in rural areas, public transport will never be able to replace individual transport completely. That is why it is even more important to make commercial and private motor traffic as environmentally friendly as possible. An important step towards this is being make with the new TankE network and strong partners.

Michael Hildebrand, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Lohmar

"An extensive infrastructure is a central key towards electromobility that is suitable for everyday use. We are pleased that, by joining the TankE network, we are able to offer our customers an extended charging network beyond the Bonn metropolitan area and easy, uniform customer access to it. This makes it possible for us to further optimise our service surrounding electromobility.

Robert Landen, Sales Director of SWB Energie und Wasser

With RheinEnergie and the TankE network, we have found a strong, regional cooperating partner, which, with its many years of experience in the field of electromobility, has competently helped us from the start to reach our ambitious goals faster.

Andreas Schwarberg, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Solingen

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